Gallery Vase by Matthias Kaiser

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The Gallery Vase is created using an Austrian stoneware clay procured by Matthias himself from a site on the Austrian/Hungarian border.

The inside is glazed with an ash glaze, containing wood ash, red sand and iron ore.

Creating it required using several layers of a wet slurry of clay, called a slip, that was fired at an extremely high temperature.

It was then treated by hand with a grinding stone. Matthias went to great lengths to cover every part of the surface including all the nooks of the gallery. Once the grinding process is complete, Matthias coats the surface with iron ore before cleaning it off. This leaves residual ore in the cracks which under the second firing create the textured surface.

This piece is a spin-off from Matthias’ Loyal Exports collection which aimed to challenge conventional ideas of decoration in the home.

One of a kind.

Made in Austria.