Sticker Vase by Matthias Kaiser

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Created using a natural and unrefined clay from the Czech Republic with inclusions of quartz, limonite, and iron ore.

Matthias uses a tenmoku glaze, a method of ceramic glazing that originates from Japan that uses high amounts of Iron as a way of creating texture and highlighting angles. This glaze is made up of feldspar, reed ash, china clay, wood ash, and iron ore. The stickers originate from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The piece is intended to make us think differently about the act of decoration. The artist hopes that the buyer will continue to add their own stickers and continue decorating it indefinitely.

The vase is part of Kaiser’s Loyal Exports collection, where his creations were photographed in the new buyers home to understand how different communities valued and showcased his work.

One of a kind.

Made in Austria.