Gudrun & Gudrun Ooin Blue and White Wool Jumper

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Gudrun & Gudrun was founded in 2002 by two women from the Faroe Islands. The brands purpose is to promote the creative and sustainable approaches of traditional knitting practises. These practises have evolved and developed for decades with locals using only what was available to them in the harsh North Sea environment.

All garments are hand-made using local, organic wool from the Faroe Islands. The approach taken by Gudrun & Gudrun means they treat all of their knitters with total respect and dignity and empower them to be independent and work for themselves. 

Some of their knitters have created over 1000 pieces for the company helping to keep the cultural act of wool knitting alive on the islands.

Women's hand-knitted jumper. 100% Organic Faroese wool in navy blue and natural white. Made in the Faroe Islands.