Massimo Alba Cotton Handkerchief in Grape and Clay

Massimo Alba Cotton Handkerchief in Grape and Clay

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Founded in Milan in 2006, Massimo Alba's eponymous clothing line consists of menswear and womenswear that quietly redefines elegance. Crafted from high-grade materials, such as silk, cashmere, velvet, and corduroy, Alba's creations feel as welcoming as an old friend. With nature as a source of inspiration, Massimo Alba's colour palette is subtle and muted and changes with the seasons.

"Stories, messages, emotions, hints, scribbles, meditations, supports, scraps, forgetfulness, transcendental illuminations, brainwaves, symbols, lyrics to the most beautiful melodies, affirmations, declarations, serious denials are all expressed through handkerchiefs." - Massimo Alba.

Cotton handkerchief in grape and clay  featuring circular geometric pattern. Fine weight and soft handle. 

100% Cotton.

45 cm x 45 cm.

Made in Italy.