Discovering Wright + Doyle

Discovering Wright + Doyle

Welcoming Autumn/Winter '23 from Wright + Doyle, an interdisciplinary brand that draws on a strong visual relationship between workwear, objects, landscape, and garden.

With generously proportioned garments crafted from the most beautiful fabrics specially engineered with the form and functionality of each piece in mind, we were keen to find out more about the pursuit of their latest collection.

Here, Izabella Doyle kindly shares her thoughts around some of the pieces we have to offer this season.

"We started developing our own fabrics with Daniel Harris, a master weaver who is restoring a mill in the depths of the Welsh valleys. Together we developed the English Wool and Indigo Cotton Twill, which became a key fabric for this collection — far excelling any fabric we have ever used. It has a natural raw indigo cotton warp and English Shetland wool weft." 

"The 5 Pocket Jacket, crafted from this fabric, is specially garment washed to slightly warp and shrink to give the piece the feeling of having lived a previous life. The 5 Pocket Jacket is lined with a handwoven organic cotton muslin lining for extra comfort."


Wright + Doyle


Discussing outerwear Izabella explains that, "Our coats are cut with a generosity that has become a key part of the label. Every coat needs some serious pockets — I’m generally not a fan of a bag. I like to fit all I need into my pockets."

At Dick's, we offer Wright + Doyle's Harri Coat this season. A garment manufactured from a technical cotton twill fabric that is fully lined. The Harri Coat is designed with function in mind - the large pockets can fit any number of items, a generous cut allows for the Harri Coat to be the ideal layering piece, and the deep side vents ensure that riding a bicycle is no problem.

The Padded Vest is another outerwear option from Wright + Doyle, "designed as a layering piece to be worn over everything from a shirt to a coat. Inspired by original life vests, made with Italian deadstock wool and filled with a natural lining of wool and cotton." The vest features ties at the sides allowing it to be worn over or under any sized piece.

Izabella discusses how the ability for items to be adapted to be worn across the seasons and for any occasion is another signature of Wright + Doyle's designs.

"The Palomar and Arbour shirt have been developed with a sleeve detail that is fast becoming a signature of the Wright + Doyle label. A defining new design allowing you to wear the shirt as usual or to unbutton the armholes to wear the sleeves tied across the body, making these pieces wonderful for a considered, trans-seasonal wardrobe." 

Wright + Doyle's Hand Tied Dress also features buttons around the armholes allowing the dress to be worn in myriad ways. The sleeves of the dress are made extra long so that they can be wrapped and tied around the body to create interesting shapes and unique detailing for the wearer. 


Demonstrating Wright + Doyle's appreciation of the natural world, is the Welsh Black Jumper. This piece is "made with natural undyed Welsh Wool. Washed and slightly felted, ribbed with rolled hems." The colour of the undyed wool is a rich brown with little flecks throughout, too beautiful to be dyed. 

The Autumn/Winter '23 collection offered by Wright + Doyle encapsulates values we at Dick's hold dear. The relationship between form, function, and beauty, and an endless appreciation of nature. Explore their new designs with us, in store and online.


Wright + Doyle


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