Festive Gifting

Festive Gifting

We've curated a collection of gift ideas for you to gift the ones you cherish this festive season. From scarves, to knitwear, to ceramics, each offering has been selected to highlight the joy of craftsmanship.


Massimo Alba Milly Jacket and Perfumer H x Choosing Keeping Candle

[Massimo Alba Milly Corduroy Jacket | Perfumer H x Choosing Keeping Candle]

Massimo Alba is the master of effortless style and unstructured tailoring, creating pieces from the finest fabrics for every day. The Milly Jacket is crafted from thick, soft cord and is offered in a bright rhubarb pink which will brighten up any grey winter day.

If you're spending more time indoors due to the creeping chill of the season, evoke the romance of an old, hushed library with Perfumer H x Choosing Keeping's new candle. The scent Paper boasts notes of turpentine oil and papyrus wood blended with herbs and spices against a backdrop of cedar and cade. The woody and slightly spiced fragrance is finished with a touch of rose.

Suzusan Shawl with Shibori Detail and Begg x Co Joy Slouch Jumper

[Suzusan Handwoven Cashmere ShawlBegg X Co Joy Slouch Cashmere Jumper]

Suzusan's Handwoven Cashmere Shawl is spun with the softest cashmere resulting in a piece that is lightweight and luxurious. The pattern is created using a Japanese dyeing technique of Shibori that produces a circular motif with a soft halo. In their fifth generation, Suzusan are recognised for the care that goes into each piece, especially during the dyeing process where each item will pass through four to five pairs of hands. With their dedication to meticulous detail, Suzusan highlight a traditional technique in a contemporary world.

Begg x Co are known for their premium cashmere products that are produced on the west coast of Scotland and in the Scottish borders. The Joy Slouch Cashmere Jumper is an iconic style of theirs and, this season, it's offered undyed to demonstrate the natural qualities of cashmere.

Perfumer H Incense and YOLO Journal

[Perfumer H Incense, YOLO Journal]

Hand-rolled in Kyoto, Japan, Ash is birthed from a perfumer's love of burning traditional incense. With notes of cedar wood, sandalwood, frankincense, birch, and cade, Ash blesses a space with a warm and woody atmosphere. Perfumer H's fragrances are linked to landscapes, and Ash takes one on a journey to a dark and mythical forest.

The Fall/Winter 2023 edition of YOLO Journal contrasts the heights of hills with the depths of waters. With striking visuals capturing Greece, Kenya, Italy, and Sri Lanka, alongside an article dedicated to our bonnie homeland, Scotland. Yolanda Edwards founded YOLO Journal to share the joys of travel through photography, memory, and word of mouth recommendations -- a platform for places unseen.

Men's Gifting


Finamore Napoli Shirt and WM Brown Magazine

[Finamore Napoli Shirt, WM Brown Magazine]

Unparalleled in the artistry of Neapolitan shirt-making, Finamore have been crafting hand-finished shirting since 1925. The Napoli style is a classic for Finamore, and this season it is offered in a cotton/cashmere fabric by Carlo Riva. The fabrics produced by Carlo Riva are woven on old wooden shuttle looms to ensure a soft, luxurious hand. The fabric and hand-stitching present in the making of the Napoli shirt reflect the tradition and dedication of Finamore.

WM Brown was founded by Matt Hranek as a seasonal magazine to share his love of well-crafted and well-tailored style, simple food, urban and countryside explorations, and classic cocktails. The Fall 2023 edition traverses the cultural landscape with features dedicated to timeless style, the convergence of art and food, and the golden age of the automobile.

KWM Espresso Cup and Saucer and Massimo Alba Supercardigan

[Keramische Werkstatt Margaretenhöhe espresso cup and saucerMassimo Alba Supercardigan]

Founded in 1924 in Essen, Germany, Keramische Werkstatt Margaretenhöhe produce hand-crafted ceramics that reflect the formal principles of the Bauhaus. Their tableware pieces are designed with this in mind resulting in timeless, beautiful, and functional everyday objects. The espresso cup and saucer are sold separately, purchase together to enjoy a morning coffee, or the saucer alone would be a perfect butter dish. 

Reflecting the priorities of comfort and luxury, Massimo Alba's Supercardigan is knitted from a textured silk/mohair blend in an oversized cut. Each piece is crafted from fabrics that are chosen and treated to be as welcoming as an old friend. The colour palette used by Massimo Alba is based in nature to reflect the beauty of our natural environment. The Supercardigan is offered in a vibrant yellow to invite sunshine into the greyest of winter days.

Dick's x Ebbet's Field Flannels Baseball Cap

[Ebbet's Field Flannels x Dick's Baseball Cap]

We collaborated with Ebbet's Field Flannels this season to create a classic baseball cap that will stand the test of time. Ebbet's Field Flannels have been producing historic athletic garments since 1988 and were the obvious choice when deciding to design our own baseball cap. With our logo in 100% wool, be one of the Dick's team.