Horisaki Design & Handel | Sculptural Millinery

Horisaki Design & Handel | Sculptural Millinery

Creating hats that are inspired by the scenic Swedish countryside, Horisaki Design & Handel are based in Kåremo, Sweden, and craft hats that are an interpretation of the trial and error nature of millinery. With a focus on slow production, each hat will last a lifetime.

A burning process is used to to give the hats their unique patina and markings -- ranging from an easy burn finish to a hard burn finish. Each creation is masterfully hand-stitched and handmade. No stiffening agents are used in the process, allowing the hats to be soft, comfortable, and practical for travel. Each hat comes with a unique identification number that can be registered to you.


We have outlined a care guide, taken from the experts at Horisaki Design & Handel, so that you may treat your hat with the exceptional care it deserves.


Use either a hat brush to gently remove from the hat's surface. If this is not sufficient, use a small lint roller/some tape to remove any stubborn pieces. 


Sprinkle cornstarch directly onto the affected area and gently rub in. Wait five to ten minutes, then brush away. The cornstarch should absorb the grease from the fabric.

Generic Stains:

Use a gum eraser/clean make up sponge and dab gently. A water wipe can also be used, once the stain has been removed let the hat dry.

Stretch Lining:

Air drying the stretch lining is recommended, however, if this is not as effective, it can be washed. Avoid getting water anywhere on the hat other than the stretch lining. Use a toothbrush with water and a gentle soap to brush the stretch lining. Rinse it carefully and blot before air drying.

Deep Clean:

For an overall refresh of your hat, sprinkle it with an absorbent powder -- ideally, use a colour close to your hat to avoid possible discolouration. Leave the hat to sit for several hours so the powder can absorb any dirt/oil. To remove the powder, shake off as much as possible then gently brush. 

[Horisaki suggest the following powders: darker hats = wheatgerm, white hats = baking soda, beige/tan hats = cornmeal].


Using a steamer, steam from the inside and carefully use hands to mould to the desired shape. Allow the hat to cool in order to keep the shape.


To increase the longevity of the hat, waterproofing spray is a great choice. If your hat does become wet from rain, reshape using the above method. Ensure the hat is completely dry before waterproofing so that it is in the desired shape.


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