Japan's Kaptain Sunshine Has Landed at Dick's

Japan's Kaptain Sunshine Has Landed at Dick's

Though Kaptain Sunshine has been around since 2013, founded in Tokyo by ex-magazine editor Shinsuke Kojima, we only properly laid eyes on them last summer in Paris after a close contact recommended that we visit their showroom. We didn't technically have an appointment to view their collection truth be told, leaving us no option but to sneak in unannounced, but with such highly-rated brands becoming so few and far between these days we weren't prepared to let something like an appointment (or lack thereof) stop us from seeing such a promising young brand, especially one that's been in our peripheral for some time now. After all, that's how these sorts of events go - you explore unrestrictedly in hopes of discovering something that speaks to you and your customers. Kaptain Sunshine did just that when we saw them for the first time.

What we found was exactly what we had heard about - a collection of clothing inspired by classic American field and naval wear that combines imaginative design with exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, making everyday dressing feel adventurous. Their approach is utilitarian, using robust materials like doublecloth gabardine cotton, densely-woven linen, and high-quality technical fabrics, yet they seem to blend it effortlessly with a refinement that has become synonymous with Japanese clothing brands, paying the utmost attention to detail.

One aspect that Uli Schade, Dick's Edinburgh co-owner, likes most about Kaptain Sunshine is that it was founded by a so-called "outsider." In her opinion, this accounts for a sense of authenticity and exploration that seems to run throughout their collection, particularly when it comes to their fabric choices. One of their knits that we've chosen to stock in the store, for example, is made from a lightweight cotton and washi paper blend. An unexpected yet refreshing take on lightweight summer knitwear. That, Uli adds, and the fact that their clothes are incredibly relaxed and easy to wear.

Kaptain Sunshine makes clothing that are exceptionally well-made, versatile, and in the words of the other Dick's Edinburgh co-owner, Andrew Dick, “just really cool.” Elaborating further on this sentiment, Andrew added, “There are just so few nice brands out there anymore that when you see one, you just have to have it in the shop.”