Local Adventures: Isle of May

Local Adventures: Isle of May

Located at the edge of the Firth of Forth, approximately 8km off the coast of mainland Scotland, the Isle of May is a national nature reserve teeming with wildlife. The island boasts the longest continuously running bird observatory in the UK; its ornithological significance having long drawn naturalists to its shores. 

Whilst the Isle is now without permanent residents, visitors can observe its rich cultural heritage, evidence of which is dotted around the island. The Isle of May is also home to one of Robert Stevenson's Lighthouses - a 24 metre high square gothic tower established in 1816 that remains in use to this day.

In the spirit of exploring our own backyard, we set off on a day trip to the Isle of May, planning sleek, utilitarian outfits to strike a balance between form and functionality.

Despite being only 1.5km long and 0.5km wide (roughly 57 hectares) at the height of the breeding season, the Isle of May can host around 200 000 seabirds. The puffin population alone can reach around 90 000 Uli Schade

Isle of May Cliff

Over 285 bird species have been recorded on the Isle of May, including Puffins, Black Legged Kittiwakes, Razorbills, Fulmars, Guillemots Shags and Terns 
Uli Schade

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The ledges of the West and South Cliffs of the island provide a safe haven for nesting birds, free from many of the predators found on the mainland Uli Schade

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The western coast of the island consists of cliffs up to 150ft, sloping gradually down to sea level on the east 
Uli Schade

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Isle of May, South Horn 
Uli Schade

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Ferries to the island run from April through September. The best months to see the breeding seabirds are throughout June and July, with the Puffins leaving the island to begin their migration in mid August.