Pablo Eggs-Go-Bao Has Us Hooked

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bao Has Us Hooked

With a name like Pablo Eggs-Go-Bao, it’s only natural that our encounters with these breakfast sandwich dealers tend to appear somewhat nefarious – and far too frequent. An unexplained scurry out the front door, a brief exchange with a stranger on a bike, and a dash back across the shop floor clutching a brown paper bag, ducking hastily into the basement stairwell like a thief in the night. Rest assured however, that if you ever happen to witness this hurried sequence of events for yourself whilst shopping at Dick’s – or if you’ve witnessed it already – this is nothing more than a quick and satisfying fix from our team’s favorite take-out spot in Edinburgh, Pablo Eggs-Go-Bao.

These folks are more than just a clever name, though. What we’ve discovered and reaffirmed time and time again is that they’ve managed to construct a sandwich that is not only addictive to every pallet and dietary requirement on our team (they offer a veggie and vegan option, too) but that also happens to be the perfect fare on a busy Saturday afternoon when the shop is heaving, time is of the essence, and a quick refuel is needed to get us through the day. Or on a rainy Monday morning when jumpers need refolding. Or when Thursday snack-time is suddenly upon us, which can be declared at any given moment and can actually occur on any day of the week.

So what exactly has all of us so hooked that we’ve decided to write a periodical about it? For that, we’ll refer to Pablo’s own description of their classic sandwich - “A crispy hash brown beneath a sausage patty topped with melty cheese, soft omelette and a slightly spicy & sweet sauce. All nestled into a super soft, warm, big, beautiful, bouncy bao bun.”

Clearly, this is food that speaks for itself. But allow us to continue anyway....

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bao have essentially created the breakfast cereal of breakfast sandwiches (and we mean this in the very best way possible). It’s the anytime meal that never gets old, that hits the right spot each and every time, and that perfectly satisfies your hunger without ever making you feel too full. That and the most important fact of all that, unlike breakfast cereal, they are genuinely one of the most delicious concoctions that we have ever consumed and we simply cannot get enough of them.

Bringing this glowing testimonial to Edinburgh’s finest breakfast sandwich to a close, it’s important to note that this is not a sponsored article and we have no personal connections to Pablo Eggs-Go-Bao (as much as we’d like to). This comes straight from the stomach – sorry, the heart – and we just thought we’d shine a playful light on this personal obsession of ours here at Dick’s Edinburgh, give credit where credit is due, and share what often fuels us aside from our love for beautifully made clothing.