Perfumer H Dandelion  Launch Event

Perfumer H Dandelion Launch Event

Dick's Edinburgh & Perfumer H | Dandelion Fragrance Launch

Earlier in May we celebrated the start of spring with our first in store event to launch Dandelion Eau de Parfum; the latest fragrance from Perfumer H

Dick's Edinburgh Women's Window with Casey Casey skirt, and florals by Pyrus.

Pyrus Botanicals created a floral installation using the window boxes outside and flowing around our women’s window, using both fresh and dried wild flowers inspired by the Dandelion fragrance to convey a whimsical, playful feeling throughout the shop. Using dried florals allowed us to keep the installation in place beyond the launch evening to extend through for the month of May. 

ANNA ŠEBELOVÁ From Timberyard
Anna Šebelová making Dandelion inspired cocktails with Nc'Nean Whisky.

Anna Šebelová from Timberyard created a special bespoke drink inspired by the Dandelion fragrance. Using foraged seasonal ingredients, mixed with Nc’Nean Organic Whisky this was served over block ice - stained pink with wild flower petals. Read more over on our Periodical entry on Anna and her creative process.

Guests at the Dandelion Perfumer H Event
James Stevens of Bard.

Local customers, friends, and neighbours joined us for an evening of fragrance with Ingrid from Perfumer H; who talked us through the inspiration and fragrance notes.

Abi Radford from Timberyard, Johanna Cole, and Oliver Hilliker trying the fragrances.
Abi Radford from Timberyard, Johanna Cole, and Oliver Hilliker.
Jodi and Dan from The Method.
Jodi and Dan from The Method.

Dandelion: “A spring fragrance fresh with possibility. The dandelion is a wildflower, it runs with the sun. Spring is the first sight of its yellow petals amongst the morning grass: optimistic and untamed.

Inspired by Lyn's childhood, it captures the memory of long afternoons outdoors, blowing the seeds from the top of the dandelion's green stalk and watching its cotton-white down dance on the wind. Youthful, fresh and full of possibility, Dandelion transports you to a place that is joyful and free. 

Top notes of sweet Sicilian lemon, Tunisian orange flower and Italian mandarin are heightened by the clarity of green leaf, the intensity of Iranian galbanum and a refreshing note of plum. An arrangement of rousing wild herbs, French lavender, basil and Italian mint leaf rest on a vetiver base where the soft depths of sandalwood and cardamom seal the fragrance in a backdrop of romantic musk.”

Ingrid from Perfumer H.
Ingrid from Perfumer H.
Dick's Edinburgh Men's Dandelion Window.