Winter Layering | Menswear Edit

Winter Layering | Menswear Edit

With the chill of winter settling in, now is the perfect time to start layering. At Dick's, we offer a variety of textures and fabrics that give you the freedom of creativity when putting together a seasonal look.

The below looks are curated with cold weather and every occasion in mind.


[Valstar 3-Layer Wool Trench Coat, Salvatore Piccolo Virgin Wool Overshirt, Finamore Napoli ShirtEbbet's Field Flannels x Dick's Baseball Cap, Begg x Co Arran Kites Cashmere Scarf]

Massimo Alba Catch Jacket

[Massimo Alba Catch Jacket, Finamore Napoli Cotton/Cashmere Shirt, Massimo Alba Silk/Mohair Supercardigan]

Valstar Coat

[Valstar Vittorio Casentino Camelhair Overcoat, Massimo Alba Sloop Suit, Finamore Tokyo Oxford Shirt, Begg x Co Arran Scarf, Massimo Alba Cotton Handkerchief]

Valstarino Corduroy jacket

[Valstar Valstarino Corduroy Jacket, SNS Herning Stark Sweater, De Bonne Facture Corduroy Cap]

De Bonne Facture Coat

[De Bonne Facture Cardigan Coat, Begg x Co Wispy Hanover Cashmere Scarf


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