Wright + Doyle | Function, Form, and Beauty

Wright + Doyle | Function, Form, and Beauty



Camp Collar Shirt and Gatherer's Trousers.

Izabella Doyle and Matthew Wright are the couple behind Wright + Doyle, whose clothing is rooted in the principles of function, form, and beauty. Combining Doyle's skills as an experienced designer and pattern-cutter with Wright's as a landscape gardener, their clothing reflects their shared appreciation of nature, sustainability, and intentional design. Their garments are generous in proportion, with pockets and buttons to allow the items to be adapted to the environment in which they are worn. Wright + Doyle's clothing is ageless, predominantly genderless, crafted for working and living for those with a love of design. 

The inspiration for their designs lies in the natural world. Rural landscapes, the sea, and their home provide endless colour palettes, textures, and patterns. Artists and their creative processes serve as another source of inspiration. Performance artist Carali McCall was invited to participate in a residency at Wright + Doyle's home in Dorset to celebrate their Spring Summer 2023 collection. The use of elements such as rocks, earth, and charcoal in McCall's artistic practice, as well as the dynamic energy and tension present in her performance work, reflect the principles of Wright + Doyle's collection.

Bib Shirt and Propagator's Trousers.

Each item is designed and cut to be timeless and trans-seasonal with sustainability in mind. With careful attention to every detail, Wright + Doyle's garments often feature functional buttons to adapt the item to each season. Their Bib Shirt has a button at the top of each arm and a wide split up the sleeves to be folded and shortened while wearing during warmer weather or when a particularly messy task is at hand. The Propagator's Jacket and Propagator's Trousers have reinforced pockets to ensure security and durability. The trousers also have reinforced knee patches to facilitate movement and pressure.

Wright + Doyle Propagator's Jacket in Van Der Poels Blue, Bib Shirt in White and Propagator's Trousers in Van Der Poels BluePropagator's Jacket, Bib Shirt and Propagator's Trousers.

Wright + Doyle's items are designed and crafted with purpose and function in mind giving them their unique cut. Wright has often worn Doyle's designs in the garden, and the additional features ensure that they can survive outside in the unpredictable elements through hard work and be wardrobe staples for everyday life season after season.

Sustainability is a significant part of Wright + Doyle's process. The fabrics they use - cotton, linen, wool -  are carefully considered to ensure they are sourced from reputable producers. The majority of the producers who work with Wright + Doyle are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which is understood to be globally recognised as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. The buttons across the designs are crafted from recycled materials and can be recycled themselves. The swings tags attached to each garment are fully biodegradable. These commitments speak to the philosophy of Wright + Doyle's brand and resonate with their customers.

Wright + Doyle Camp Collar Shirt in Zenith Blue and Gatherer's Skirt in Tussock

Camp Collar Shirt and Gatherer's Skirt.

There is no typical Wright + Doyle customer; they are varied in age and gender. What unites them is an appreciation of considered design, quality craftsmanship, and thoughtfulness in clothing production. These values align with ours at Dick's, which is why Wright + Doyle is at home here. Our customer appreciates function, form, and beauty, purchasing items that will last for a very long time. 

Copy by Beth James.