Our Recent Visit to the Nc'Nean Organic Whisky Distillery

Our Recent Visit to the Nc'Nean Organic Whisky Distillery

"Made by nature not by rules" - Nc'Nean Organic Whisky

When we commissioned Anna Šebelová from Timberyard to create a cocktail for our recent Perfumer H Dandelion launch event she insisted on using Nc’Nean organic single malt whisky. It wasn’t just the flavour that made it Anna’s choice but also its rigorous sustainable credentials.

Annabel Thomas was determined to create an organic single malt whisky which holds the smallest possible carbon footprint possible. She is a leader in the field and inspires other businesses to follow pursuit. All aspects of the production processes are considered and evaluated. Her choice is to value nature and stay true to our responsibility to care for it. The beauty is in staying small and not to compromise, just follow your dream.
We travelled to beautiful Morvern on the West Highland Peninsula to visit the Nc’Nean Organic Whisky distillery.

View from Nc
View from Nc'Nean distillery towards Mull
The exteriorof the Nc
The Whisky Distillery Image 1
The Whisky Distillery Image 2
The Whisky Distillery Image 3
Inside Nc
Landscape photography of the Morvern in the West Highland Peninsula

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