Massimo Alba

Founded in Milan in 2006, Massimo Alba's eponymous clothing line consists of menswear and womenswear that quietly redefines elegance. Alba believes that dressing for the day is the way one prepares to present oneself to the world, with limitless variations available to reflect one's mood and intentions. Crafted from high-grade materials, such as silk, cashmere, velvet, and corduroy, Alba's creations feel as welcoming as an old friend. Each item has been prepared in such a way that it will develop a unique patina over time that is individual to the wearer and their life. With nature as a source of inspiration, Massimo Alba's colour palette is subtle and muted and changes with the seasons. Each design looks as if it has been painted with watercolours. This impression is achieved through pre-washing techniques, giving the garments their soft hues and worn-in quality.
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